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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 20, 2012

Rumor Mill Says Enrique Iglesias Bankrupt?  He says NO!

Rumor Mill Says Enrique Iglesias Bankrupt?  He says NO!

Photo: Enrique Iglesias Broke Rumors

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Rumors have been spreading that the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is facing possible bankruptcy, yet Iglesias himself as well as his publicist claim these rumors to be false.  In spite of his 2011 tour and record success, many critics are eyeing the purchase of his five million dollar Miami mansion as well as its $15 million renovation as cause for alarm. 

Yet, Enrique has only responded with laughter and sarcasm, while his publicist, Joe Bonilla, responded that the news is just more false gossip.  According to “Billboard” magazine, Iglesias was the highest grossing latin artist of 2011.  In the U.S. alone he generated $7 million dollars during his Euphoria World Tour.  Two concerts at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, grossed $1.7 million dollars. 

It’s evident that with this past success as well as an upcoming tour in the works, he should be living comfortably in his Miami mansion.