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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 10, 2011

Rubix the Cat Survives Despite Being Shot 19 Times

Rubix the Cat Survives Despite Being Shot 19 Times

Photo: Rubix's X-ray

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To look at five-year-old tabby Rubix, one would probably not think this cat looked out the ordinary, but Kayla Haskett’s beloved pet was horrifyingly shot multiple times with a BB gun.

In total, Rubix was shot 19 times, and all but one of the BBs remain in the cat’s body as Haskett says she is still saving for the surgery to remove them.

Police say Caesar Mendez, 19, was arrested in Nobelsville, Indiana when it was discovered he was responsible for shooting the cat. He faces charges of animal cruelty. Mendez is the nephew of Haskett’s former roommate.

Haskett told reporters that when she asked Mendez why he would do something like this he told her he “got upset with my cat because he tried to grab him off a pillow and he scratched him.”

She said Rubix’s veterinarian told her that Rubix is in little to no discomfort, but she still wants the BBs removed, “but it’s a little expensive so I’m trying to save up the money for that.”

In the end, Haskett is just happy her cat is okay, saying, “He’s my miracle kitty, I always knew he was special.”