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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 3, 2012

RUBIO WATCH:  Marco Rubio Reminds Us He’s Anti-Cuba All the Way

RUBIO WATCH:  Marco Rubio Reminds Us He’s Anti-Cuba All the Way

Photo: Marco Rubio Watch

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio continues to assert his hard stance on all things Cuba.  When asked what he thought about the recently enacted Cuba-crackdown bill – he was all for it and doesn’t agree with anyone who disagrees. 

Rubio was reacting to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s recent comments labeling the legislation unenforceable and unconstitutional. 

The legislation authored mostly by the Florida exile community and their lawmakers prohibits any Florida business with contracting with companies that have business dealings in Cuba or Syria.  Therefore local Florida businesses cannot hire firms that are currently operating hotels, restaurants, telecommunications or anything else inside of Cuba.  It also prohibits Florida state pensions from investing in these firms.

And since Syria is in ruins and imploding we don’t think any Florida business is at risk of doing business with them and violating this state law. 

The Florida Chamber of commerce and other pro-business groups are in opposition to the law and feel it is unconstitutional.  Something the very Governor who signed it implied shortly after signing it – pissing off Senator Marco Rubio.  “I believe that it’s constitutional,” Rubio told The Miami Herald.
He was pleased when the Governor amended his statement probably forced to - “I think the governor has, from what I’ve read briefly, restated his position in a way that I think is more appealing to people here who are concerned about it,” Rubio said.

Rubio clearly and once again is on the side of showing how hostile Cuban exiles are against their motherland.  At least he is consistent.