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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 20, 2011

RSLC Announces Launch of Project to Recruit Hispanic Looking to Become Politicians

RSLC Announces Launch of Project to Recruit Hispanic Looking to Become Politicians

Photo: RSLC chair Ed Gillespie with then-President G.W. Bush

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Monday, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced, the launch of its Future Majority Project (FMP), which works to recruit and support qualified Hispanic and female candidates for legislative seats, Attorneys General, and Secretaries of State across the nation. The FMP will coordinate with party officials and Hispanic leaders to identify qualified candidates and recruit them.

“In the next decade, elections will feature an electorate that is substantially different from that of today and is vastly different from the electorate that decided a major US election as recently as 2000,” said RSLC Chairman Ed Gillespie. “The Future Majority Project views the changing demographics of America’s electorate as a unique opportunity to build the strength, reach and appeal of the Republican Party.”

The FMP will consist of three core initiatives aimed at enhancing the Republican Party’s competitiveness among key constituencies in the face of changing demographics:

• Hispanic candidate recruitment, training and support initiative: In 2012, the FMP has set a goal to recruit at least 100 new Hispanic Republican legislative candidates across the nation.

• Female candidate recruitment, training and support initiative: The FMP will work with in-state party leaders to build up the number of qualified female Republican legislative candidates.

• Youth training and mobilization initiative: The RSLC, in partnership with the College Republican National Committee, will launch a national training and mobilization program to energize political participation among young adults.
• The RSLC will provide these candidates with direct and indirect training and support, within the bounds of each state’s campaign finance regulations.

Gillespie said the FMP’s main goal is to connect with Hispanic voters.

During a conference call with reporters, Gillespie said, “If we don’t adapt now to changes that are taking place in the country, we will face a very different electorate in a couple cycles.”