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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 13, 2011

Row in Philly Over Bimbo Sponsorship Printed on Soccer Team’s Jerseys (VIDEO)

Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union, may have got more that they bargained for when signing a multimillion dollar sponsorship deal with south-of-the-border bread and baked goods giant Bimbo.

Fans have reportedly been complaining at the fact that the team jerseys now have a huge banner across the players torso that reads “BIMBO.”

“Are you kidding me? We’re going to be laughingstock of the league,” said fans.

At least one fan said she would not attend games with her kids until the misogynistic slur was removed from the team players chests.

Union chief executive officer Nick Sakiewicz said the team had no concerns that the Bimbo name could hamper jersey sales to women.

“Not at all,” he said. “In the focus groups and discussions I’ve had with women, the vast majority of them think it’s just the coolest thing. They think it’s fun. Our data is telling us they think it’s kind of cool. I have zero concerns on that.”

The big impact for fans, he said, is going to be on the field - because the Bimbo deal means the Union will have more money to spend on players, training, and facilities. “All boats rise on this one,” he said. Also the Spanish pronunciation of the beloved product is ‘beem-bo’

Bimbo sponsors three Mexican soccer teams and a Costa Rican professional soccer team. The deal will reportedly bring in $3 million a year over the next four years.