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Tuesday February 21, 2012

Roselyn Sanchez, Star of ‘Act of Valor’ Welcomes Opportunity to Work with SEALS Instead of Actor

Roselyn Sanchez, Star of ‘Act of Valor’ Welcomes Opportunity to Work with SEALS Instead of Actor

Photo: Roselyn Sanchez in Act of Valor

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Roselyn Sanchez, star of the upcoming film, ‘Act of Valor,’ welcomed the chance to work alongside real servicemen instead of actors.  “What surprised me was how unaffected and cool they were,” Sanchez told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column of the SEALs. “I didn’t see any diva behavior. It was new for me to work with guys that even if they were waiting around for eight hours and didn’t have a trailer, they were content. It was refreshing.”

The movie, opening this Friday, stars a group of active duty United States Navy SEALS in a portrayal of real anti terrorism operations.  According to directors from Bandito Brothers, Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, the film never would have come together without the work of the SEALS.  Several portions of the script were written by the servicemen as well.  “(w)hen we really connected with these men, and learned about the real acts of valor that have happened on the battlefield over the last ten years, they were more mind-blowing than anything a Hollywood screenwriter could write… And all the operational planning was done by the SEALs, every op you see go down in the movie, it was written by the SEALs so it is 100 percent legit,” said McCoy.

The directors also hope that the film not only showcases the impressive skills and bravery of the SEALS but also the sacrifices that their families have made.  They believe the film will appeal to both men and women. 

Sanchez hopes that the film shows Americans what goes on beyond the country’s borders as well as why it happens.  She hopes that the public will have a better appreciation for what these brave men do every day. 

According to the actress, “America is already in love with, and fascinated by the Navy SEALS, and I think after watching this movie that love affair is going to be even stronger. You leave loving them and really respecting what they do.”