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Latino Daily News

Friday June 22, 2012

Ronaldo Impressive Header Against Czech Republic - Portugal Advances (VIDEO)

Ronaldo Impressive Header Against Czech Republic - Portugal Advances (VIDEO)

Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Impressive Header Against Czech Republic

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In Portugal’s match against the Czech Republic Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo scored with a header against the Czechs’ goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Ronaldo’s goal would be the first, last, and only goal of the match, following two attempts in which he hit the posts and failed to score.

All night, Portugal had been putting on the pressure, but neither they nor the Czechs could score, though Portugal had a solid 20 attempts on the Czech goal. Then, as the end of the match began creeping up, Ronaldo, in the 79th minute, headed a cross by Joao Moutinho, which shot to the ground, bounced up and flew past the hands of Cech.

With this win, Portugal advances to the semifinals of the Euro2012 Championship.

Though he seemed to have a rocky start at the start of the championship seasons, the last two games he seems to have “found his mojo” so to speak, as Thursday’s goal was his third in two games.

Check out the goal below.

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