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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 30, 2012

Romney Supports Statehood for Puerto Rico

Would a Mitt Romney presidential win help pave the way for Puerto Rican statehood? Luis Fortuno thinks so. On Wednesday (August 29), the island commonwealth’s Republican governor said Romney has assured him of it.

“I must tell you something,” Fortuno told The Daily Caller.  “He [Romney] looked me straight in the eye and he told me that he was convinced that Puerto Ricans had contributed to the nation for so long, yet we were not partaking fully in the responsibilities and benefits of our citizenship, and that it was about time that we decide what we want to do, and should that be statehood that he would provide the leadership necessary to move that forward.”

That sentiment — that Congress should grant statehood, if the people want it — is consistent with the GOP platform and Romney’s past statements.

“It was Ronald Reagan who very famously in our party said that it was important for people of Puerto Rico to have a choice to become a state,” Romney said last March, according to the Washington Post. “And if the people of Puerto Rico choose that path, I would be happy to help lead that effort in Washington.”

President Obama, although he has been less vocal on the issue, also supports self-determination for Puerto Rico.