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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 3, 2012

Romeo Santos Continues Successful U.S. Tour

Romeo Santos Continues Successful U.S. Tour

Photo: Romeo Santos

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Singer Romeo Santos marches on with his successful U.S. concert tour while celebrating his 10 nominations for Billboard Latin Music Awards with his first solo album, “Formula Vol. 1.”

Backstage before his date with fans in Miami, the singer-songwriter shared with Efe the rituals he goes through before each concert on his first tour without the bachata group Aventura.

“I don’t get nervous, but I do feel very eager - it’s like I want to be onstage now, I want to hear the audience now, the shouting, the applause…” the singer said in his dressing room at the American Airlines Arena before Thursday night’s concert.

Before taking the stage, he said, he begins with a session of “God help me” plus “something I can’t do without,” making the sign of the cross.

“It’s a ritual for me. I always cross myself because I feel that this is a gift from God and I have to give thanks for the moment,” he said.

He ends by praying that “everything will turn out well,” without mistakes and with no situation arising to mar the concert.

In the Miami arena, Santos offered an evening worthy of a great celebrity and induced a feeling of euphoria in the audience, not only for his powerful stage presence and his songs but for the choreography of lights and a stage set designed like “the dais of a king.”

Golden lions and an impressive armchair like a throne added to the regal air that the artist exuded onstage.