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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 3, 2010

“Roly Poly” Toy Manfucturer Accused of Laundering Money for Colombian Drug Cartels

Angel Toy corporation, located in Los Angeles, is under investigation for suspicion of laundering money through its U.S. and China operations for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels.  Three key executives, all of Chinese descent, were arrested on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and witness tampering.  The accused include Angel Toy’s owners and its CEO. 

California Attorney General, Jerry Brown alleges that members of the drug cartel would drop off bags of money at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and in turn this money would be wired to China to purchase stuff toys that the company makes, including its well known line of Roly Poly animals.  The toys were then sold throughout Colombia through a distribution channel with all proceeds going to the drug cartels. 

The charges were brought forth after a two year investigation conducted through U.S. Immigration and Customs and the California Attorney General’s office. 


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