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Latino Daily News

Monday March 25, 2013

Robbery Attempt in Ecuador of Visiting Argentine Vice President Thwarted

Robbery Attempt in Ecuador of Visiting Argentine Vice President Thwarted

Photo: Argentine Vice President Amado Boudou

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The Ecuadorian Joint Armed Forces Command on the weekend announced that Ecuadorian troops averted an attempt to rob the Argentine vice president, Amado Boudou, who is on an official visit to the Andean nation.

The incident occurred on Friday night when several individuals tried to attack the vehicle in which the vice president was riding in Quito.

The criminals “did not imagine that the automobile was being watched by the intelligence personnel assigned to the security of the vice president” and his party, a source with the Joint Command told Efe.

“This was a criminal act” that had no other consequences, the source added, going on to say that the attackers were arrested and turned over to the appropriate judicial authorities.

In a communique, the institution said Sunday that on Friday night “personnel of the Joint Military Intelligence Command, while they were performing their tasks of security and protection of the vice president of the Republic of Argentina ... repelled an attack perpetrated against (his) motorized caravan.”

“The Military Intelligence personnel assigned to this mission acted and reacted effectively and in an opportune manner, neutralizing the attack and capturing the alleged criminals, later placing them at the disposition of the proper authorities,” said the communique.

Boudou, in addition to making an official visit to Ecuador, is participating in the 128th Interparliamentary Union Assembly, which is meeting in Quito until Wednesday.