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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 10, 2011

Robbery at Spanish Cloistered Convent Playing out Like a Mystery Caper Involving Stolen Millions

A robbery in the convent of Santa Lucia in Zaragoza, Spain, is turning into a suspense-novel saga.

On top of the questions regarding why did the nuns have a million and a half Euros stashed in a plastic bag inside a closet of the convent and who could have stolen them, there are the questions regarding why did the convent changed their original version about how much money was in the bag, and where did those claims come from.

According to Spanish sources close to the investigation, on February 28th, the nuns informed local police that they were missing a million and a half Euros.

The subsequent police investigation found evidence of forced access to the main door, the door of the room where the money was and the piece of furniture allegedly containing the plastic bags.

On March 1 however, the Mother superior told Judicial Police—who took over the case, that the lost amount, was only $450.000 Euros.

The nuns also provided contradictory statements when explaining the source of the small fortune.

On February, they told police that the cash was 40 years worth of piggy-banking. 

But on March first, probably after being advised by an attorney that an undeclared million and a half Euros could constitute tax fraud, the nuns said the funds were the fruit of the convent’s binding activities, and the sales of art works painted by the “painter nun” Isabel Guerra.

To make matters even more strange, police said that the thief is no stranger to the convent; only the necessary doors were forced open, meaning the thief knew exactly where to go, and which doors to open. The main suspects have all been interrogated, but the police have not made any arrests yet.