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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 20, 2013

Robbers Hit Argentine Bank Disguised as Orthodox Jews

Robbers Hit Argentine Bank Disguised as Orthodox Jews

Photo: Traditional Orthodox jews

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Three robbers, two of whom were dressed as Orthodox Jewish rabbis and the third as a security guard, on Wednesday held up a Buenos Aires bank and fled with the contents of several safety deposit boxes, police said.

The robbery was carried out early in the morning in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood when the bank was full of customers waiting in line to conduct their financial business.

The three robbers got out of an automobile parked in front of the bank, while a fourth person waited behind the wheel, police said.

Once inside the bank, the fake rabbis subdued the employees and the customers and took the contents of a number of safety deposit boxes.

Police told the Telam news agency that the robbers “were disguised, with two of them dressed as members of the Orthodox Jewish community, that is to say, black outfit, wide-brimmed hat, beard and curls, and the other pretended to be a security employee who was going to inspect the closed circuit television.”