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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 19, 2014

Robbers Carrying Toy Guns Killed in El Salvador

Two gang members carrying what turned out to be toy guns were fatally shot Friday while trying to rob passengers on a bus, Salvadoran authorities.

A third gang member was wounded when one of the passengers produced a real firearm and opened fire on the assailants, the Attorney General’s Office said on Twitter.

The incident occurred on the Panamericana highway near Santa Cruz Michapa in the central province of Cuscatlan.

Between three and five gang members boarded the bus, brandished guns and began robbing the passengers until one of the riders pulled out a pistol and started shooting, police told reporters.

Authorities who arrived at the scene after the shooting discovered that the assailants’ weapons were toys, police said.

The AG’s office identified one of the dead assailants as Juan Antonio Alas, but did not give the name of the other fatality, saying only that he had tattoos characteristic of the Mara 18 gang.

The wounded robber was taken to a hospital.

Authorities did not say whether the passenger who shot the assailants was arrested.


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