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Latino Daily News

Monday February 13, 2012

Ricky Martin Says ‘Evita’ Brings ‘Latino Flair’ to Broadway

Ricky Martin Says ‘Evita’ Brings ‘Latino Flair’ to Broadway

Photo: Ricky Martin Says 'Evita' Brings 'Latino Flair' to Broadway

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Singer and actor Ricky Martin said he’s living a moment of happiness in both his personal and professional lives as he prepares to return to the Broadway stage in a new production of “Evita.”

“I really like what’s happening to me, I don’t know if it’s waking up every day and seeing my kids growing up, the staunchness and maturity of my partner, our relationship as a couple…and being back on Broadway is also awakening many things in me,” Martin said in an interview with People en EspaƱol.

The artist said he returned to Broadway, where he debuted in 1995 in the musical “Les Miserables,” because he always wanted to work with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

“I believe we have to bring Broadway a little Latino flair. We have to keep it alive. We have to bring back Evita,” the singer said, adding that the Che he will play is not the iconic rebel Che Guevara.

“I’m a character called Che, the voice of the people. Che in Argentina can be the taxi driver, the waiter, the bartender. I’m telling the story of Evita Peron. I’m the first person to sing in the musical and I deliver the last words,” said the artist, who will share the stage with Argentine actress Elena Roger as Evita.

The artist’s role in the musical has him living in New York once again, this time with his 3-year-old twin boys, his mother and his partner who is in the Big Apple 15 days out of every month.

Martin said he and his partner don’t plan to wed in New York, where same-sex unions are legal, and that marriage isn’t even on his agenda.