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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 8, 2014

Ricky Martin Brings Latin Flavor to Morocco

Ricky Martin Brings Latin Flavor to Morocco

Photo: Ricky Martin in Morocco

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A Ricky Martin bursting with energy delighted his fans at a concert with no lack of all-time hits like “Living la Vida Loca” that excited the audience with those Latin rhythms.

The host described the Puerto Rican artist as “the ambassador of Latin American music” and joked that while the artist “is a vegetarian, these days he ate a tajin (traditional Moroccan dish) of chicken.”

Ricky Martin took the stage Friday night wearing a white suit, the same color his dance masters wore.

He kicked off the evening singing “Come with Me” before an audience that kept arriving as the concert progressed as part of the Mawazine Festival, Morocco’s biggest musical event.

The artist, who made his leap to fame with the theme song of the 1998 World Cup, “La Copa de la Vida,” sang on an outdoor stage, and, as is customary at this festival, fans of the artist mixed with families with children, couples and groups of young people who came to the concert to enjoy this free-of-charge event.

“Morocco, are you ready to have a good time?” asked the artist who has won five Latin Grammys and a Grammy Award, and who, with more than 70 million copies of his discs sold, is considered “an icon of international pop.”

And with the tune “La Bomba” the audience followed along and, as he did that morning at a press conference, Ricky Martin asked them to forget “where somebody comes from” and think about just one thing: having fun.


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