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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Rick Sanchez Wants a Job in 2011, He’s “Unemployed and Ruined”

The former CNN host of Rick’s List and his friends have launched a website and Twitter account all in an effort to get him a gig in 2011. 

The website called ‘Friends of Rick Sanchez - Get the Whole Story’ offers highlights of his career and what he has been up to lately beside sitting at home pouting.  The site even has Rick’s official apology to Jon Stewart.  It was comments made on the Jon Stewart show that got the CNN host in trouble as he made what some thought reflected anti-Semitic sentiments. 

Why this site?  The site states:  “Rick is a good man with a long history of success in the television industry.  We created this site because we don’t believe a man’s life should be judged by one misconstrued moment, one interview, one soundbite taken out of context.  We believe that runaway headlines shouldn’t malign someone’s reputation, leaving him unemployed and ruined.”

“Rick doesn’t hate.  He doesn’t discriminate.  He knows what it’s like to be a minority, an outsider, and what it’s like to work your way up from literally nothing.  And he is sympathetic to all groups—Italians, African-Americans, Arabs, Hispanics, Muslims and yes, Jews, because he knows they have also had to overcome similar challenges.”

Thus far the only gig Sanchez has on his calendar is a public appearance with New York Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on January 13 and it is being promoted as a public dialogue versus a public plea for a job.