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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Rick Perry Political Event Checks for Proof of Citizenship

Rick Perry Political Event Checks for Proof of Citizenship

Photo: Rick Perry Event Asks for Citizenship Proof

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Want to attend a Republican primary event for Rick Perry in New Hampshire?  If so, make sure you bring proof of citizenship – no proof no admittance.

In one of two events the Republican former-front runner was holding today in New Hampshire the requirement for proof of citizenship was required allegedly due to the location.  The town-hall meeting was being held at defense contractor Granite State Manufacturing’s site.

The requirement that only ‘citizens’ enter a defense contractor site is not new but it makes the issue of immigration once again become front and center for Perry. 

After getting a lot of negative flack for the policy, Perry’s staffer said non-citizens would be allowed in but would be assigned a Granite employee to escort them in. 

Why Perry would choose a site for campaigning that would draw this much attention is unclear.