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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 24, 2014

Ricardo Arjona’s “Viaje Tour” Heads to Ecuador

Ricardo Arjona’s “Viaje Tour” Heads to Ecuador

Photo: "Viaje Tour" (Ricardo Arjona)

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Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona offered a concert in Quito on the weekend, raising the local temperature on a cold night in Ecuador’s capital with a show that was part of his international “Viaje Tour.”

The show in Quito on Saturday night was Arjona’s third stop in Ecuador, where he also performed last week in the coastal cities of Guayaquil and Manta.

He will now continue his tour to promote his latest album in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

The concert was held in downtown Quito’s Coliseo General Rumi├▒ahui sports and concert arena, which can accommodate 15,000 people and which was almost sold out for the show.

An enveloping sound and light show drove the crowd wild, and they sang along on all the numbers Arjona performed during the evening.

“Fuiste tu,” “El problema,” “La historia del taxi” and “Ping├╝inos en la cama,” from his past repertoire raised the temperature in the arena as the evening continued, and that excitement level was maintained right up until the end with numbers such as “Apnea,” “Lo poco que tengo” and “Nube de luz,” among others.

Arjona appeared pedaling a curious little vehicle on a stage 180 sq. meters (about 1,940 sq. feet) in size decorated to resemble a train station, eventually taking up his guitar and running through his set list with his fans cheering the artist all the while.


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