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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Rest in Cosmic Peace, Outer Space Burials Now Available in Latin America

The great beyond has became greater for Colombians and other Latin Americans, as the Medellín based “Betancur” funeral home now offers to send the remains of your loved ones far from this cruel world and into space, the final frontier.

William Betancur, owner of the funeral home offers this very unique service through his Houston counterpart “Celestis,” a company that has been operating for close to three decades offering space burials.

Prices range between five and fifty thousand dollars, depending on things like how far into space the customer wants to send their space corpse and whether the final frontier trip starts in Colombia, Houston or somewhere else.

The idea was inspired mostly by Star Trek and the many space lovers who died unfulfilled without ever having traveled to space while alive. Incidentally, Gene Roddenberry, the series creator remains have been floating in orbit along with seven grams of Timothy Leary’s remains.  We aren’t sure who will be the first Latin American to seek peace in the final frontier, thus far no one has taken Betancur’s up on his unique services.