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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 7, 2010

Researchers Have Put a Price on Felicidad– It’s $75,000

If you are making $75,000 you should be content and any dollar more you struggle to earn will not add to that contentment.  Princeton University has found that indeed happiness has a price and it’s at $75,000. 

The felicidad that a $75,000 income brings is not to be confused with a jovial disposition.  The $75,000 is not a magic potion it cannot change your mood or mental stability but it can make you feel overall satisfied with the ways things are going in your life.  The downside of the findings is that anyone making less than $75,000 is more stressed and unhappier with life.  Not surprising the belief that people’s view of life is tied to money was proved once again.   

This happiness benchmark is going to be a problem with many U.S. Hispanic individuals, which according to 2007 census figures have a median income of $24,451 for men and $16,748 for women. 


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