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Latino Daily News

Monday July 22, 2013

Rescued Dog Has Gang Symbol Tattooed on Stomach

Rescued Dog Has Gang Symbol Tattooed on Stomach

Photo: Petey the Pit Bull tattooed by gang

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A pit bull puppy is now in the care of a Los Angeles animal welfare workers after a woman found him tied up and in desperate need of care.

About a month ago, a woman found a pit bull tied to a pole outside a doughnut shop in Lomita. Noticing the dog was in distress, she called police who told her animal control would check on the dog. When no one arrived to check on the dog, she took him to a veterinarian.

The pup, now being called Petey, was found to have a broken tail, fleas, worms, and an ear infection. The woman was unable to permanently care for the dog and that is when ROMP Rescue was called.

One of the ROMP rescue workers said he was looking over the 9-month-old dog when he noticed something on his stomach.

‘I saw some markings and it looked like a spirograph or whatever on his belly,’ the ROMP Rescuer told a local ABC affiliate. ‘I thought…maybe it’s ring worms or something. I ran in the house and got a razor and started shaving and said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

Underneath that shaved hair, the 46-pound pup was hiding something cruel.

Someone had tattooed the slogan of a Los Angeles gang on his Petey’s stomach. Though the gang’s name was not released, the LA Daily News states, ‘The tattoo…lists the name of a “set” of a Los Angeles-area gang located northeast of Dodger Stadium off the 110 Freeway.’

Though currently shy around other dogs and most people, ROMP Rescue is hoping to give Petey a second chance to be a happy dog.

ROMP Rescue has set up a donation page for animal lovers to contribute to his rehabilitation and behavioral training. You can donate on the YouCaring website here.