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Latino Daily News

Monday June 21, 2010

Republican Sen. Candidate Meg Whitman Remembers She Needs Hispanic Vote, Launches Spanish Ads

Republican Senatorial candidate Meg Whitman launched several Spanish language ads touting her respect for the Hispanic community and debuting a more friendly stance toward this large voting bloc, a voting bloc which she cannot win California with out.  Her tough “Illegal immigrants are Illegal” primary campaign rhetoric was no where in sight nor was the unpopular former Gov. Pete Wilson her campaign chair.

The ads airing during the World Cup and other Spanish-language programming highlight her opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070 and the very unpopular 1994 statewide Proposition 187 that called for cutting state services for undocumented immigrants.  On the issue of immigration reform, Whitman has stated she is “100% against amnesty” and prefers a guest work program which is not the majority polled position of Hispanic Californians.  63% of Hispanic registered voters are registered Democrats making Whitman’s efforts to win the Hispanic vote more difficult.  Whitman will face Democrat Jerry Brown in the November elections.


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