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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 2, 2010

Republican Latinos: Governor Rick Perry is #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. Politician of 2010 Elections

Somos Republicans, whose goal is to increase the Latino Republican voting block by 100% in two years, has announced the designation of the Texas Governor as the #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. politician of the year. 

Governor Rick Perry has proven his executive leadership as he had to confront the slow economic growth during the great recession much like the rest of the nation; however, Texas’ decline has been milder than the rest of the country.  More importantly, when asked about the harsh Arizona anti-immigration law, Governor Rick Perry said such a law “would not be the right direction for Texas” and would distract law enforcement from fighting other crimes.

The organization believes Governor Perry should be recognized for making a courageous statement with regard to the controversial immigration law during a time in which extreme anti-immigrant messaging has been on the rise.  They are encouraging the rest of the GOP to embrace and emulate such a “courageous” position.  Somos Republicans strongly believe Governor Perry should receive recognition for being the #1 Hispanic-friendly 2010 politician in the nation, because he did not cave in to perceived popular sentiment.  Latinos who have remained as registered Republicans have been worried as they have watched Hispanic support for the Republican Party decline by almost 15 points.