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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 19, 2010

Republican Senatorial Candidate Marco Rubio Faces Foreclosure

Florida Republican Senatorial front runner Marco Rubio is facing foreclosure on a home he owns in Tallahassee, owing the bank $138,394, court records show.  Foreclosure proceedings started on Thursday when Rubio and co-owner David Rivera missed the last five months of mortgage payments.  Both Rubio and Rivera are well known Miami Republicans and purchased the home to use when they were Florida legislators.  Both are currently vying for higher office, Rubio for U.S. Senate and Rivera for a U.S. house seat.

This is not the first time Rubio’s financial matters are in the spotlight.  Earlier this year Rubio was chastised for charging personal expenses to the state Republican party’s credit card and double-billing state taxpayers and the Republican party for travel.  Rubio claims to have repaid the expenses under question.  His spokesman has also stated that the foreclosure matter has “been resolved”.  Most recent court records do not show the foreclosure action being removed.



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