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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 30, 2013

REPORT:  Piolin Ousted Due to Alleged Sexual Harassment of Male Co-Worker

REPORT:  Piolin Ousted Due to Alleged Sexual Harassment of Male Co-Worker

Photo: Piolin fired amid allegations he sexually harassed male co-worker

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When the ‘Piolin en la Mañana’ syndicated radio program on Univision Radio was suddenly cancelled last week, long-time fans were left without much to go on.  Everyone, including industry insiders, was asking why one of Spanish-language radio’s superstars was so quickly dismissed. 

Reports indicate that the sudden and immediate cancellation of ‘Piolin en la Mañana’ was allegedly due to a sexual harassment suit filed against host Eddie ‘Piolin’ Sotelo from a fellow male employee.

Rumors originally surfaced that indicated that the show had dropped in ratings or that the host wanted too much money in contract negotiation.  Rumors that Univision did not ever deny – probably because they served them well.

The Los Angeles Times has obtained documents indicating that Alberto “Beto” Cortez, producer and performer on the ‘Piolin’ show, was alleging sexual harassing by Sotelo that including grabing of his genitals by Sotelo on a regular basis.

Cortez also alleges that Sotelo repeatedly urged him to admit his homosexuality when in fact he was in a long-term relationship with a female.  Cortez filed his complaints with management and asked for a financial settlement otherwise he would file a lawsuit.  He alleges the sexual harassment lasted for three years, only ending earlier this year. 

Univision has not made a comment on these reports.  Piolin did issue a statement through his attorneys saying this is nothing more than a shakedown from a disgruntled employee.  Cortez claims to have witnesses to his version of events.  It is assumed that Univision investigated the claims made and based upon that investigation decided to dismiss the radio host.

Sotelo’s program aired nationally on about 50 stations for nearly 10 years, and at one time was the region’s No. 1-rated morning program in any language.