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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 6, 2013

REPORT:  More Latinos in California Finishing High School but Not Obtaining College Degrees

A new study by ‘Campaign for College Opportunity’ highlights the bad news for the next generation of Latinos in California.  While more California Latinos are getting their high school diploma they are not obtaining a college degree.

Latinos in California are the largest minority representing 38 percent of the state’s population yet they come in dead last among ethnic groups who obtain a college degree. 

This rate of college completion for Latino youth is 11 percent up from 8 percent in 2000.  Blacks have a 23 percent rate, Asians a 47 percent and whites a 39 percent rate of completion. 

State officials blame the Latino low rate on major barriers faced by Latino youth that include cost, inadequate high school course loads and under preparedness for college rigors.

Case in point, 31 percent of Latino college freshman at Fresno State were required to take remedial math and English because they came unprepared for college level courses. 

Nationwide the statistics the ‘Campaign for College Opportunity ‘ highlighted are pretty much the same.  US Census data analyzed by the Pew Center, earlier this year, shows the numbers of Latinos who enroll in college surging but the proportion of Hispanics who have a bachelors’ degree still lags behind that of other ethnic groups. 


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