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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 2, 2013

REPORT:  Check Out Which Latin American Countries Least “Gay Friendly”

REPORT:  Check Out Which Latin American Countries Least “Gay Friendly”

Photo: Map of Latin America

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Spartacus International Gay Travel Index has come out with its listing of least ‘gay-friendly’ countries to travel to and several Latin American countries are at the top of that list.

138 countries were ranked and close to the bottom coming at #104 were Honduras, Panama and Peru.  The ranking took into consideration a country’s HIV-travel restrictions, religious stances on homosexuality, anti-gay legislation enacted, crimes against homosexuals and the countries stance on gay marriage.

Many Latin American countries have an overwhelming Catholic majority which is a religion that is not deemed ‘gay-friendly’ which hurt the regions standings.

Out of the 139 countries Uruguay was deemed the friendliest toward gays in the region coming in at #11 close to Spain that came in at #10.  Argentina and Brazil had a #14 and #30 ranking position. 

Globally Sweden was deemed the most gay-friendly country while Iran was deemed the least friendliest toward gay coming in dead last.  Mexico came in at #45 ahead of the USA which came in at #47.