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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 11, 2014

REPORT: 71 percent of Undocumented Immigrants Applying for NV Drivers License Failed Written Exam

A new report coming out of Nevada might highlight a potential roadblock for undocumented immigrants applying for driver’s licenses.  In Nevada, 71 percent of applicants failed the written exam during the first three days the licenses were available. 

On average, according to official reports, 57 percent of Nevada written test takers fail. 

The test was issued in Spanish and English.  Some officials believe applicants were not aware a written test was required and came unprepared.  More applicants passed the driving portion of the test than the written portion.

Nevada is one of several states that allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.  Nevada’s law went into effect on January 2, 2014.  In its first week of taking applications the state has issued 830 driver’s license to the undocumented, including 281 learner’s permits.

Outside of Nevada, 10 states, the District of Colombia and Puerto Rico allow people to apply for driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status. Many officials believe it is good for public safety to allow undocumented immigrants to become licensed drivers that fully participate in insurance and drivers education programs.  The licenses are also an additional source of revenue for the states.

In Illinois driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants became available last year on December 3rd.  Test passing rates have not been released.

An estimated 60,000 Nevada residents are eligible for the licenses, which must be renewed annually.


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