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Latino Daily News

Monday May 26, 2014

Replica of the “Haus der Musik” Coming to Mexico

Replica of the “Haus der Musik” Coming to Mexico

Photo: Original "Haus der Musik"

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Music sounds on every corner of Vienna, but there is only one place a person can go to virtually direct the philharmonic or compose a waltz - the House of Music, a groundbreaking project that will soon be duplicated in Mexico.

The new Vienna House of Music will be housed in an old textile factory in Puebla, converted into the first replica of the “Haus der Musik” with all its innovative, entertaining programs for enjoying and learning about music.

An example of its attractions is the “virtual director,” the dream of any would-be maestro who will never be able to mount the real podium of the Vienna Philharmonic.

A video of the orchestra’s musicians reacts to the rhythm and indications of the baton, and at the end rewards the director with applause if the performance was good, or jeers if it was bad.

“The idea is to send forth from the world from Vienna, the capital of music, our way of teaching sound and music,” Simon Posch, director of Europe’s only museum dedicated to this art, told Efe.

On all of its six floors, this institution linked to the Vienna Philharmonic involves visitors in the world of classical and contemporary music.

Visitors can learn all about such legendary composers as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss and Strauss the Younger, Mahler, and the master of atonality, Arnold Schoenberg, all with strong ties to Vienna.

After several years deciding where to found a second House of Music, a proposal come from Mexico’s Puebla state government, Posch said.

The La Constanza complex, built in 1835, is today the national seat of the Esperanza Azteca symphony orchestras, a musical project for needy youths and children.


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