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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Rep. King Plans to Change U.S. Approach to Immigration Policy

Rep. King Plans to Change U.S. Approach to Immigration Policy

Photo: House Rep. Peter King (R-LI)

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Representative Peter King (R-LI) told the New York Post that when he becomes the new chairman of the House’s Homeland Security Committee in January, he plans to tighten border security and have more undocumented immigrants arrested if they cross the border, which he claims is the exact opposite of Obama administration’s actions thus far.

“The Obama administration continues to display an obvious lack of urgency when it comes to gaining operational control of the border, which is absolutely critical,” said King.

His plan includes cracking down on companies that hire undocumented immigrants and increasing federal support for local police to arrest the undocumented.  King’s Homeland Security “to-do list” includes a crackdown on “home grown” terrorists, the bolstering of national cybersecurity, and bringing an end to President Obama’s plan to transfer detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the U.S. for civilian trials.

He believes Obama has not done enough in the last two years to keep out undocumented immigrants, and that it’s time to give the country a plan “that incorporates the necessary staffing, fencing, and technology too do the job.”