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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 30, 2011

Remarks with Colombia’s VP Angelino Garzon and Sec. Hillary Clinton after Diplomatic Meetings

The Vice President of Colombia, Angelino Garzon, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had very productive, wide-ranging discussions on many important issues, and reaffirmed the enduring partnership this past week.  On Friday at the conclusion of their diplomatic talks they issued summary remarks on those meetings. 

Both Clinton and Garzon confirmed they are hosting the second round of the U.S.-Colombia High Level Partnership Dialogue in March, where they plan on covering a very broad discussion of issues, from sustainable energy to human rights, with both countries seeking a successful conclusion and ratification of the U.S.-Colombia Trade Agreement and an extension of the Andean Trade Preferences Act.

The U.S. on the other hand is pleased that Colombia remains committed to, among other things to work together to defend fundamental rights especially those of Colombian labor groups, indigenous groups, and women’s groups.  Colombia also agreed to continue to work and cooperate with all countries to combat drug trafficking.