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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 22, 2010

Recent Tests in Connecticut Reveal Improvements for Hispanic Students

Hispanic and Black students in Connecticut’s school systems continue to narrow their academic achievement gap in math and reading skills. The 2010 test results revealed and overall improvement in all six grades for students of all races with minority students making much faster gains than while students.

The Connecticut Mastery Test administered to about 250,000 public school students in grades third through eighth measures proficiency in reading, writing, science and math. Connecticut Department of Education Commissioner Mark McQuillan explained, “Our students are performing better, but challenges remain.”

Some of the statistics showing areas of improvement in minority students:

  • Between 2006 and 2010, the number of white fifth-graders scoring as proficient in math increased by 5.2 percentage points. For black and Hispanic students, the gain was 13.1 points.
  • Math results, white students boosted their proficiency by 4.9 percentage points, compared to 15.3 for their black and Hispanic peers.
  • In reading, minority students in the eighth grade posted a proficiency boost of about 11.2 percentage points versus about 3.9 points for white eighth-graders.