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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 28, 2014

Rebels Release Kidnapped Geologist in Northern Colombia

Rebels Release Kidnapped Geologist in Northern Colombia

Photo: ELN guerrillas

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Leftist ELN rebels released a geologist kidnapped nearly two months ago while on a mapping mission in the northern Colombian province of Cesar, the academic institution that hired him for the project said Wednesday.

Andres Felipe Calle Valencia was grabbed by members of the National Liberation Army, or ELN, on June 29 while working in the Serrania de Perija mountains.

The ELN handed over the captive on Tuesday to a team from the International Red Cross, the University of Caldas said, citing police statements to media outlets.

Calle was taking part in an initiative to chart areas of potential seismic activity in Colombia’s mountainous regions.

Though the ELN never claimed responsibility for Calle’s abduction, a commentary by Catholic Archbishop Dario Monsalve suggesting the group’s involvement appeared Wednesday on the insurgents’ Twitter feed.

The ELN, which is the smaller of Colombia’s two main guerrilla armies, marked its 50th anniversary last month.


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