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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 15, 2014

Real Mexican Food Beware: Taco Bell Phone Order App Coming Soon

We are not sure if this is good news or awful news, but for sure its news especially when there isn’t much other news. 

Taco Bell the purveyor of marginal Mexican food is rolling out mobile ordering.

The mobile app, which was two years in the making, allows guests to order and pay ahead.  Taco Bell is working on the assumption that the desire for greasy chalupas and starch-stuffed nachos is not a spur of the moment yearning induced by an inebriated or foggy state of mind. 

The app will be available later this year.  Just writing about Taco Bell makes sodium levels rise in the body some say. 

The other purveyor of sorta Mexican fast food, Chipotle, has offered customers mobile ordering since 2009.  McDonald’s reportedly is testing a mobile app as is Chik-fil-A.  Unfortunately your local taco joint where the real Mexican food lives won’t be pursing this form of capitalism – it’s a very expensive undertaking. 

Taco Bell is counting on the market studies that indicate an overwhelming number of 18-to-34 year olds would order food on a mobile device if it were available.  The Taco Bell app according to Nation’s Restaurant News is pretty loaded with custom features.

There is custom messaging depending on the time of day, so yes you can order a waffle taco in the privacy of your own home.  It is also GPS based so you can find the closest Taco Bell and the restaurant is pinged when you are getting close so you can pick up your order nice and lukewarm.  The app also allows you to customize menu selections that offer drinks and dessert suggestions to accompany your crunchy taco.  The customer can either pick up the food inside or use the drive thru. 

We thought the launch of Doritos-flavored tacos was the ultimate in customer service this takes it to another level.  Taco Bell is to be admired for having high expectations of mediocrity in terms of Mexican cuisine. 

There are over 350 Taco Bell restaurants throughout the country.  The restaurants are owned and operated by Yum! Brands that also own Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken. 


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