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Latino Daily News

Friday August 30, 2013

Real Madrid’s Kaka Expresses Desire to Leave Team

Brazilian midfielder Kaka went public in La Coruña Thursday with his desire to leave Real Madrid for another European club where he would get more playing time.

“My obligation is to practice every day to play, but that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied,” Ricardo dos Santos told a press conference in La Coruña following the Blancos victory over Deportivo in the Teresa Herrera Trophy match.

“I would like to leave and for the club to give me opportunities” for a transfer, the 31-year-old Brazilian international said.

“Things are difficult for me here, there’s less space and it’s time to have more continuity. The club knows this, we have talked,” Kaka said. “I’m available in all the matches because it’s my obligation, but I’m not satisfied.”

Acquired in 2009 for a transfer fee of 65 million euros ($85 million at the current exchange rate), Kaka - the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year - has struggled to create a niche for himself in the Real Madrid system.

His prospects at Real Madrid appeared to brighten with the arrival of new coach Carlo Ancelotti, who managed Kaka during the midfielder’s glory years with AC Milan.

So far, however, Ancelotti’s presence has not translated into more playing time for Kaka.