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Latino Daily News

Monday August 23, 2010

Real Femme Fatales Become Part of Juarez Cartel (VIDEO)

The investigation of five men arrested for the early August ambush of federal police officers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has turned up some interesting information, according to Mexican security officials.  In a taped interview with detainee Rogelio Amaya Martinez, he calmly discloses that the Juarez cartel is now using paid female assassins or ‘sicarias’ to work along side their male counterparts.

The enforcement division of the Juarez cartel, La Linea who are considered some of the most ruthless cartel members, are in charge of recruiting attractive, seductive types age 18 to 30 to lure their intended targets to a certain death.  In the past women cartel members were thought to be only used as lookouts or drug mules.  It is believed, through the testimony of Martinez, that there are 30 femme fatale assassins working for the Juarez cartel.  All remain unidentified.

In this spanish-language video mild-manner Martinez describes in detail the role of women in the Juarez cartel and without blinking confirms the female assassins have already carried out various executions on behalf of the cartel.  It is not clear why Mexican security officials opened up this line of questioning with Martinez or if they already suspect female assassins are part of the cartels. 

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