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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 30, 2010

Rare Mexican Iguana Illegally Enters U.S. – Not Sure if It’ll Be Deported or Given a Green Card

Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists in Mobile caught an Iguana near the Rail Ferry Dock on the Alabama State Docks. It had been observed several times but was able to elude capture. The iguana had ostensibly come from a rail vessel arriving from Mexico.

The agriculture specialists got a call from dock workers letting them know it had been spotted again. They grabbed all the proper gear and headed to the docks thinking this would be the day that they would catch the ‘illegal’. And indeed it was, when they arrived to the specified location they were directed to an area of steel pipes. They cleverly trapped the iguana by closing one end of the pipe with a burlap sack and banged on the other end.

The captured iguana tentatively has been identified as a Mexican spiny tailed iguana, Ctenosaura pectinata and appears to have originated from southern Mexico where it is a rare species to its native country. Chances are that this Iguana would not have survived the harsh winter here.  Nor is it known if immigration officials will deport the iguana or give it a green card to permanently reside in one of our zoos.