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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 2, 2012

Rare Event Caught in Argentina as Glacier Flips (VIDEO)

Rare Event Caught in Argentina as Glacier Flips (VIDEO)

Photo: Argentina Glacier

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In a stroke of luck a tourist caught a rare event in Argentina and posted the results on YouTube. The Glacier flip It took place near the Upsala Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, notes the Daily Mail.

About 15 seconds into the clip, the top of the iceberg begins to sink into the water.

As it disappears beneath the surface, previously-unseen ice from the bottom rises out of the water, creating waves and spray.

The glacier, which stretches for 60 kilometres, was once the biggest in South America, but scientific tests suggest it is disappearing at a rate of 200 metres per year.

Excursions to the area are popular among holidaymakers visiting the south of Argentina.

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