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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Rapper ‘Pitbull’ Named Spokesman for Low Calorie Vodka ‘Voli’

Rapper ‘Pitbull’ Named Spokesman for Low Calorie Vodka ‘Voli’

Photo: Pitbull, the new image of Voli Light Vodka

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The artist,” Pitbull” has announced a partnership with the French Vodka makers, Voli.  Grab some Voli and try our cocktail below as we celebrate the new partnership with our “Bloody PitVoli”

“I am extremely excited to be partnering with Voli light vodkas and to hold a significant ownership position in this great brand,” said Armando.(aka. Pitbull)  “I knew this was great vodka when I overheard some ladies talking about it while they were drinking. I asked them about it and they told me it was some of the smoothest, most delicious vodka they’d ever had, PLUS it was low calorie vodka. That’s when I tried it and fell in love. Next thing you know, we are business partners! I am excited to watch this brand explode and to be a central part of its success.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Armando into the Voli family as our partner,” said Voli CEO Adam Kamenstein. “No artist brings more energy, talent and creativity to everything he does. Both the Pitbull and Voli brands are exploding, so now is the perfect time to join forces. Pitbull’s love for Voli light vodkas is authentic and organic, and that will shine through in all he does to help maintain Voli light vodkas as the leading name in delicious, low calorie vodkas.”

Voli light vodkas are available in all major markets throughout the United States and will be available nationwide by Fall, 2011.

Bloody PitVoli
An Original Hispanically Speaking News Cocktail Recipe


1 to ½ ounces of Light Voli Vodka (Do experiment with flavors!)
1 dash of celery salt
1 dash whole black pepper
1 teaspoon Mexican hot sauce
3 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
3 flakes of pickled ginger
1 dash of Pineapple Jarritos
Jalapeños and/or Chipotle peppers (don’t be afraid to push your comfort zone!)
Ice Cubes
Celery sticks
Tomato Juice

Fill a tall glass a quarter of the way through with ice.  Pour in two to four fingers of Voli vodka, then the Worcestershire and Mexican hot sauces.
Add all the spices, the peppers and then drop the pickled ginger on top. Fill to the rim with tomato juice.

Add a dash of pineapple Jarritos on top, garnish with a celery stick and some olives for a refreshing glassful of hair of the same Pitbull that bit you!