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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 13, 2013

Random Violence:  Homeless Man Sets Man on Fire Inside His Car

Long Beach, California authorities are investigating a horrific act of random violence that left a 63-year-old man clinging to life after being set on fire.

The incident occurred at the Long Beach 7-Eleven last night when the unidentified victim was sitting in his car and an incendiary device was thrown inside his SUV.  Within minutes the SUV was engulfed in flames and later exploded.

Apparently a local 39-year-old homeless man threw the incendiary device without provocation.  The unidentified man is known in the neighborhood and was found shortly after the incident. 

Long Beach Police describe the crime as “an unsettling crime, a horrific act.” 

Some witnesses say they heard the two men arguing before the incident others say the homeless man said nothing before throwing the device through the open window of the SUV.  Several good Samaritans pulled the victim out of his car but not before he sustained burns on the majority of his body.