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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 27, 2014

Ramiro Valdes Warns of Subversive Use of New Technologies in Cuba

Ramiro Valdes Warns of Subversive Use of New Technologies in Cuba

Photo: Ramiro Valdes

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Cuban Vice President Ramiro Valdes warned Saturday about the use of new technologies to carry out internal subversion on the island, and made a call “to preserve” the nation’s unity because the revolution “is not over.”

“Today new, unconventional forms of warfare are being applied and the new technologies are being used as instruments of subversion, with young people their primary target,” Valdes said in a speech at a ceremony on Cuba’s “National Rebellion Day,” attended by Cuban President Raul Castro.

“What our enemy fails to understand is that the new generations are the fruit of this revolution and have shown their commitment to continually perfecting it and preserving the conquests achieved,” he said.

Valdes, 82, one of the “historical” commanders of the Cuban Revolution, was charged with giving the principal speech on “National Rebellion Day,” one of the most iconic moments of the revolution.

The anniversary celebrates the failed assault of July 26, 1953, on the Moncada army barracks, Fidel Castro’s first armed action against the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship and the beginning of the revolution that finally declared victory on Jan. 1, 1959.

Valdes, one of the survivors of that attack, recalled the “political, economic and social ills” that led Castro and his comrades to rebel, and noted that today the majority of Cubans have only heard about those ills and never experienced them personally “because they were born after the triumph of the revolution.”


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