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Latino Daily News

Friday February 11, 2011

Raleigh Police Try to Diffuse Email Rumor that “Gangs from Mexico’ are robbing Walmarts

Raleigh, North Carolina police have been working all week to calm fear amongst residents that ‘gangs from Mexico’ are robbing local Walmart shoppers at gun point.

The email messages started in Wake County when a woman identifying herself as Linda McDaniel sent an email telling people of her friend being robbed at gunpoint at a local Walmart, that 100 such incidents had occurred and that the police were refusing to get involved because they didn’t want to ‘racially profile’ the alleged gunmen. 

No one knows who Linda McDaniel is, whether she actually exits and why Mexicans were the target of this negative email campaign.

This email rumor went viral when church groups and garden clubs sent the email trying to warn their members, as a service.  Police became aware of the issue when reporters started calling them and upon investigation found no merit to gangs from Mexico operating in Raleigh or any mass robberies at Walmart by Mexican nationals or anyone else for that matter.

The email rumor somewhere along the way got more attention when people were noting that they were seeing Mexicans outside of a Walmart store.  According to police the only possibly related crime was when one person was robbed at a Walmart by a woman earlier this year – the offender was not Hispanic.