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Thursday December 23, 2010

It is Unanimous- Rahm to remain on Ballot for Feb 22 Chicago Mayoral Election

It is Unanimous- Rahm to remain on Ballot for Feb 22 Chicago Mayoral Election

Photo: Rahm Emanuel

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The Chicago Election Board has just voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of the hearing official and allow Rahm Emmanuel to remain on the Chicago Ballot for Mayor.  A Chicago Election Board Hearing Official had recommended earlier this morning that Rahm Emanuel be allowed to stay on the ballot in the upcoming February 22 Chicago Mayoral election.  This morning the Election Board commissioners had been considering if Rahm meets the Chicago city residency requirements for candidates running for mayor.

The 69-page report resulting in the positive recommendation was released at 2:00 am and the board is scheduled to meet at 9:00 am today.

The report reads: “It has not been established that the candidate, a resident of Chicago, abandoned his status as such a resident,” Morris wrote of Emanuel’s time as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff. “In any event, his absence from Illinois during that time in question is excused, for purposes of the safeguarding and retention of his status as a resident and elector, by express operation of Illinois law.”

The three-member elections board will consider the recommendation as well as testimony from several days of hearing last week and legal arguments made from both sides. The loosing side has a week to appeal the board’s decision to the Cook County Circuit Court.

Mr. Emanuel has released a statement saying he is very encouraged.