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Latino Daily News

Monday January 3, 2011

Rafael Correa Offers to Make Instant Citizens of Illegal Migrants Who Identify Corrupt Cops

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa said he will gladly grant Ecuadorian citizenship to illegal immigrants trying to stay in the country, if they provide verifiable information about corrupt police officers.

“I have complaints about police officers who extort (money) from those without documents. There are neighborhoods where police knows undocumented foreigners gather, but instead of pursuing the case, the officers demand money or other things” Correa said during his weekly show.

“I am telling those foreigners publicly. If you help me capture a police officer who is engaged in corrupt practices, we’ll give you the papers so you can be legal in the country,” the president added.

The president said that he has instructed Interior Minister Alfredo Vera to investigate the complaints, and that in a week he will publicize a telephone number for migrants to call in with information.

“If you help us fight corruption and arrest the police officers who are extorting (money from) irregular foreigners in our country, we’ll help you become legal. Don’t be afraid,” the president said.