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Latino Daily News

Monday September 5, 2011

Rafa Nadal Collapses at Press Conference After Winning at US Open (VIDEO)

Spanish tennis sensation, Rafael Nadal, experienced such severe cramping on Sunday that he collapsed during a post-game press conference at the US Open.  After beating his opponent David Nalbandian, Nadel attended a press conference where he was seated and in mid-sentence was under some type of distress and stopped speaking.

In Spanish he called for this trainer or ‘physio’ in Spanish then slide from the chair under the press conference table.  The room was cleared so that the champion could be assessed to make sure there was not anything else going on.

He received fluids and a massage before leaving the room unassisted.  It is believed that the two and a half hour match in severe humid conditions caused the severe cramping.

Later Nadal commented as questions arose about his overall health:  “It’s bad luck it happened here and not in the locker room.”

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