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Latino Daily News

Monday March 28, 2011

‘Racist’ Review of In the Heights Leaked in Nashville Newspaper

As the Broadway hit, In the Heights, was getting ready to debut at Tennessee’s Performing Arts Center it was the target of a ‘racist’ tinged review that was accidentally leaked on line.

In the Heights tells the story of a vibrant Latino/minority community in Manhattan’s Washington Heights.  The play began as an original musical conceived by Puerto-Rican American Lin Manuel Mirando.  The play won 4 Tony Awards in 2008 including Best Musical of the year.

The Nashville Scene’s theater critic, Martin Brady wrote what is now being labeled a first draft, questioning why Broadway had to give each ethnic group a musical.  He went on to describe Miranda’s story as “an excuse to employ dynamic youthful minority performers who dance and since and holler to a lot of salsa music and groove on lyrics about Latin loving and partying.” 

The only value Brady saw, in the award winning play, was for an audience that enjoys

“ingenues brown and leggy and your music ‘hot, hot, hot’”. 

The Nashville Scene has since apologized and noted that this first draft was never meant to be published.  The critic has also apologized and changed his review.