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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 29, 2010

Quintana Roo Candidate for Governor Indicted

A federal judge handed down an indictment against Gregorio Sánchez, the PRD, PT and Convergencia candidate for governor in Quintana Roo, charging him with narcotics trafficking and using illicit funds. The judge also ruled to suspend Sanchez’s political rights, so his candidacy would no longer be valid. The Federal Electoral Institute was set to begin an administrative procedure to remove Gregorio Sánchez from voting lists to make official his loss of political-electoral rights after his indictment. PRD senators’ leader Carlos Navarrete said that Gregorio Sanchez’s lawyers were working to prepare a protection writ or amparo against the indictment. PRD chairman Jesús Ortega said that even though Gregorio Sánchez has been indicted he would continue to be the party’s candidate in Quintana Roo. PRD deputy Agustín Guerrero said the party’s national leadership made a mistake in choosing Sánchez as the candidate for governor in Quintana Roo given the lack of clarity in his form of income and bank accounts. PAN candidate for governor in Quintana Roo Alicia Ricalde called on the PRD, PT and Convergencia to join her campaign and get the PRI out of Quintana Roo.


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