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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 5, 2014

Quinceañeras Represent Big Bucks

Quinceañeras Represent Big Bucks

Photo: Quinceañera

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Portada Online highlights a Mexican expo solution provider, Grupo Plexon, and its expansion into the U.S. to produce quinceañera and wedding events for the Mexican-American market.

This highlights the importance of the Hispanic market for the event planning industry.

And with the average quinceañera costing over $15,000, there is more than just event space involved.

Flowers, DJs, catering, invitations and more are involved in the quinceañera. Families spare no expense.

Manuel Diaz, President of Grupo Plexon, notes that the company seeks to “…deliver consumers to local and national businesses that want to engage with this market.”

There is ample opportunity for those in the event production space to target Mexican families looking to put on a lavish quinceañera for their daughter and the whole family.

The sector is currently fragmented, leaving the way for vendors to target this lucrative market.


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