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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 23, 2011

Quinceañera! People En Español Turns 15 Years Old!

Quinceañera! People En Español Turns 15 Years Old!

Photo: People Magazine is 15 years old

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To celebrate the first 15 years of People en Español, the magazine brought together four of the most influential Latinas: Gloria Estéfan, Cristina Saralegui, Adamari López and Maite Perroni.  Estefan and Saralegui were chosen for the 15th issue because they graced the cover on the first issue

The 15 year issue will be a flip cover, and will feature the 15 sexiest men in the other side.  The magazine was launched when People magazine ran a dual cover magazine - one covering the murder of Tejana singer Selena and the other on the popular TV show ‘Friends’.  Guess which one sold out??


Don’t miss the special issue, packed with intimate details of the lives and quinceañera stories of the four cover Latinas, as well as a selection of the spiciest exclusive stories of the last 15 years.